When creating a website, we follow these steps to ensure that the site we are building is the site you are looking for.

1. Listen

Before anything else, we need to learn about you and what your expectations are for your site. We'll ask a lot of questions so that we can do the best job possible. This phase is mostly us getting to know you.

2. Strategize

Now that we know more about you, we can develop the structure of your site. This includes sitemaps, wireframes and mood boards. This is also known as the planning phase.

3. Design

Once the structure has been established, we can begin to design the overall look of the site. Starting with the main pages, and then all the sub pages, we determine the look of your site. There are always a number of iterations before the design is finalized.

4. Build

After the design is finalized, we can start coding your site. Whether we used HTML or Flash, keeping the site lean and flexible is a top priority. The design must be balanced with usability to create a user friendly experience. There a lot of testing and double checking done in this step.

5. Deploy

The big day! Once your site is live, we make sure it is as visible as possible.

6. Maintain

Information is always changing, and your presence needs to be current. We are available to make changes both to content and structure so that your online presence is always up to date.