Like the cups say: "We are happy to serve you"

Rather than trying to do everything, Substanz: specializes in screen based communication. Whatever the medium (the web, a presentation, video, etc.) designing and communicating a compelling story is at the heart of every project.

Web Design

Web design comprises the majority of our projects. We have been building sites since shortly after Tim Berners-Lee had his great idea. We have been hooked ever since.

Although we stay up to date with the latest developments in website technology, we don't let that drive our designs. In the end it's not all the shiney bits that matter, but whether or not your message is being received.

Our process helps to ensure that the site we build is just what you want and need.


Presentations are a relatively new service. We have built a number of in-house presentations for a certain Mouse, which are unfortunately not available to show online. Keynote is our main presentation building software, but we are also adept at using PowerPoint when it is called for.